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Summer, Pilgrimage Chapel Maria Elend, Embach, County of Pinzgau, Principality Salzburg, Austria

360° Grad Panorama at Pilgrimage chapel Maria misery and near the Gasthof Maria Elend.

Mary misery is one of the oldest shrines of Pinzgau. It lies just outside the town about 20 minutes walking time Embach the southwest in a beautiful pasture. The name means misery Öllend or "lonely place".
The first chapel was founded around 1552 by a nobleman named Ursula Taxenbacherin Penninger. According to tradition, her 12-year-old blind and mentally handicapped girl was lost. After three days they found it in today Augenbründl healthy in mind and Öllend seeing what Ursula Penninger, a chapel and vowed eternal foundations measurement.

In the 18th Century the pilgrimage was so popular that every year up to 30,000 pilgrims came to Maria misery and the chapel was enlarged to a church. Famous book is the miracle of Maria Elend, a list of the miracles that occurred through the intercession of Mary. 1783, Archbishop Hieronymus Colloredo demolish the church and laid the pilgrimage in the Parish Church Embach. There is also the picture of grace, a painted Pieta from the 18th Century to see the high altar. Today's picture of grace in Mary misery is an appealing cast stone statue of Peter Schmid (1768), which used in the original chapel stood up and was given the new construction of this chapel in 1842.
Of the once numerous votive tablets have survived only a few. The oldest and most valuable part of the collection is in storage.
The original chapel is located just below the chapel at the place where the girl was found, according to tradition. She is from 1755th In addition, the Augenbründl, where the pilgrims wash the eyes and is said to have special healing powers.

Pilgrim routes:
From different directions, old pilgrim paths lead to misery Mary, which are now popular again.
The Embacher Wallfahrerweg begins at the church, past the Kapeller farmers. After the cattle barrier on the right the right of way to Calvary, but branches and from there continue to Maria misery. Allow about 20 minutes.
The Calvary Chapel stands at the foot of a hill, as the "Calvary" is decorated with three crosses. The figures of Christ and the two thieves (19th century) are painted on tin (painting renewed in 2008). The chapel, built about 1790 houses, a figure of Christ at the scourge column.
Another possible Wallfahrerweg (15 minutes) is from the turnoff on the way to Rauris (1 km to Embach) on the blacktop road to misery host Maria.
The Taxenbacher Wallfahrerweg leads from the women's orchestra at the main road down to the Kitzlochklamm. From there the route leads through the gorge upstream direction Rauris and about 1 km after the gorge exit left through the forest up to Embacher country road, the crossing through the forest to Maria misery.

The other alternative branches just after the Salzach bridge turn left and follow the asphalt road to the Embach Rain farmers there through the forest path to Embach (Elsbein). After the lettuce growers can turn left to the parish church and then follow the Embacher Wallfahrerweg or follow the main road to the right and after 100m turn left. On Steiner farmers over a path leading to Maria misery.

The Rauriser pilgrimage led by the parish to the north towards the swimming pool. Next you can follow the thalweg to forestry and Ager Bridge (approximately 1 hour.), Then about 500m along the road Embacher to the junction of forest trail (right) after Maria misery. Or you might go up to the pool Schriefling, from there the trail to Embach (approx. 3 hours) and from above by Mary misery.
The result of Gastein Wallfahrerweg Dorfgastein for 3-Waller Chapel, on the Kögerl-Alm to Teufenbach, thence along the forest path to misery Mary (approx. 5 hours).
The Lender Lend Wallfahrerweg begins at the church, leads from there to the right of Teufenbach bridge up the road and continue on the path Goldhub. About Obergoldhub to get to the Maschlbauern (approx. 1 hour) and then back onto the paved road, follow this road for about 1 km and can then go through the Sachs Riedel continues to Embach (total walking time about 2 hours).

Information for pilgrims groups:
The misery of pilgrimage Maria has two stations: It begins at the church with the original miraculous image of Mary misery and from there on Calvary Chapel of Grace chapel outside of town (about 20 min walk). Buses can to Embach (50 m below the church) down. The chapel is accessible by car or bus (turn off after about 1 km on the road to Rauris)

For groups up to 30 people in a prayer service at the church should (always open; praise of God is on) and then crossing to Maria misery. The chapel is a chapel, measuring, everything you need for the Eucharist (books, vestments and altar wine and communion wafers ...) are included, and hymnals (praising God). Application for a Mass celebrated at the parish office Embach (Tel.: 06543/7218) or parish Lend (Tel.: 06 416/7242). Prayers can be held any time without logging into the chapel. The chapel is always open, and holds about 30 people, including 20 seats.
For larger groups of pilgrims to the Holy Mass in the church recommends, then crossing to Maria misery, there ends with a prayer.

From May to September is held every Saturday at 9:00 clock in a Eucharistic celebration Maria misery.
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